Tuesday 9 November 2010

Conspiracy, what conspiracy?

Dear Blogees 

Trust me 
I have come to the troubling conclusion that the whole world has gone completely off its trolley. In the old adage of there are more out than in I think that out is in and that in is an asylum of outness, if you get me. I mean, you consider yourself normal right but what is normal if not a synonym for average. If average is a mathematical or statistical concept then normality is just a matter of numbers and as a wise man once observed, there are lies, damn lies and statistics (be it Disraeli, Wentworth Dilke or Twain). So what do I base this thesis on, what else, the NET. Please don't be fooled, for just as the drunken man may become violent or lecherous due to being disencumbered of his inhibitions the Net gives that same freedom of expression and taking the world's cyber pulse you will have to, as I have, accede that the world is paranoid.

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