Saturday 14 May 2011

Exam Madness

For over two and a half thousand years Greece has had an insatiable appetite for knowledge and wisdom, in fact as the saying goes ‘Greece gave light to the world’. This time of the year is the acme of that achievement with the national Panhellenic university entrance exams. 

The waves of hysteria reach many shores and I recently found my neighbour standing outside his house, he greeted me in subdued tones and I asked him if he was suffering laryngitis, “No,” he replied and looked to his house. “It’s Maria, she’s studying.” There was no hint of irony in this statement. This, I took as mildly amusing what I overheard just the other day was more unsettling.

I had taken my little son to emergency with ear pain. In the queue before us was a lady with her teenage daughter.

A heartbeat of incredulity delayed comprehension,
“I‘d like her to have a bag.”

“A bag, Madam?” questioned the receptionist.

She leaned toward the window, “A catheter bag, she has exams tomorrow.”
Without missing a beat the receptionist replied, “That may prove difficult, madam.”        

...Turn the light off on your way out

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  1. It is my understanding that examiners are now being trained on colostomy bag removal techniques because some students were caught hiding (secreting?) crib notes in them.


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