Saturday 11 February 2017


Desire gripped me as my hand fell on the silks and satins. Running my fingers down the smooth fabric brought on soft waves of excitement; I must have more. Gentle, searching fingers found their quarry. I manipulated the soft folds risking a surreptitious look down. My glance became an unmitigated stare. Many others had allured me today but now I knew it was just a matter of time before we were one. Now in my arms I heard myself gasp with anticipation. I knew I must be patient but is it not human to yield to such beauty, I ached with longing. It was finally all too much. We flew across the floor toward a small room where I knew we could have all the privacy we needed. I threw her down on the floor and began to claw at my clothes, throwing them here and there in abandon. There was nothing to stop us now. As I slipped tentatively inside I looked in the mirror; my cheeks were flushed and red. When I was finally completely inside, her curves complementing mine, my body supporting her soft folds, I looked once more into the mirror.
I knew she was the one for me and all I needed now was a pair of shoes to match.

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  1. So well-written! I enjoyed the tension and the revelation. Thanks Ashlyn.


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