Monday 30 August 2010

I love the smell of 2-stroke in the morning

I recently bought myself a Vespa, not one of the new four-stroke models but a real old classic. They make them in India now much like the VW beetles in Mexico and Campers in Brazil. I wish one of the old colonies had been chosen to keep building the Mini. I saw one of the old Coopers in IKEA carpark the other day (yes I know IKEA again, just trying to get some peace and quiet and some underwear) I’d forgotten quite how perfectly formed they were, far tidier a design than the new one and more to the point much more mini. It looked tiny next to my FX4s London Cab (more on that another time).
Anyway, I’ve had a wonderful summer buzzing around on it. Truly rediscovering the joys of wind in the hair with no haste.

Update: I had to sell the Cab. My eyes have yet to dry.

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