Sunday 24 October 2010

cough your way to fitness

STOP! if you're serious about Abs
Dear Blogees, My wife and I have been on a bit of a health kick lately and you'll be please to learn that the swimming that I had to run so hard to be allowed to do is going well, I am the urban dolphin but it is my wife who has discovered probably the most effective total Ab workout I have ever seen. She started nearly a month ago and already her waist has tightened and definition is easily visible. The workout itself can be done anywhere and what's more cannot be denied, when the workout comes you workout, like it or not.

She has had this incessant cough since catching a bad cold and it won't leave her but don't be too quick to judge; the results are fantastic. She exercises her lungs first thing in the morning and sometimes gets up in the middle of the night for a little cardio-vascular. Sometimes when she's really carried away rolling around on the floor waving her arms and legs around she gets quite flushed and sweaty, I really think it must be one of the best complete body exercises available. 

She has been talking about quitting smoking but I'm against it. Everyone knows ex-smokers put on weight but now I think at last we know why. According to independent studies around 5 calories are burnt with each cough so over the course of an all-out lung-chucker hundreds of calories could be burned, the equivalent of a toasted cheese sandwich, a bowl of muesli or half a McD's cheeseburger and of course, were you to be serious about cutting back on your calories, you wouldn't have eaten the cheeseburger in the first place so the pounds would just drop off. This coupled with the cardio-vascular and muscular benefits must put it up there with Tae Bo or Disco-cise. 

So, with the facts in hand there is no denying the truth that regular concentrated bronchial spasm as part of a calorie-controlled diet can have miraculous effects on your health and fitness levels making you slimmer, trimmer and more desirable to the opposite sex. Keep on puffing and cough your way to fitness.

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