Monday 20 December 2010

Tough at the Top!

Greece is at present a nation in free-fall. Riots are nothing new and I have seen riots about just about everything from globalisation to regimes that have been deposed for nearly forty years. What is more relevant is the action of those who have no time to unite and destroy. Nothing. The majority of the worst hit are doing nothing but trying to get though to the next day, resigned to the belief that resistance is futile. What will be will be.

Those in charge of imposing these austerity measures are the ones who have been instrumental in mismanaging the countries resources for decades, wilfully, even brazenly. They are also the same people who will not be suffering the pinch of their implementation. A responsibility that they have a proven record of being unqualified to do.

Many of those who are protesting have also been complicit in the situation. Most are public employees who have gained their positions from an inept and corrupt system that has made nepotism and bribery so endemic that it is the only government department without a minster.

Few are blameless but those carrying the biggest burden will be the stones that have given all the blood they can. The lady at the local post office hasn't been paid in over a year while the same council has made it clear that they will cut her off if she doesn't pay her water bill. The ladies at my child's nursery haven't been paid since the beginning of the school year. While the parents have been paying for the service. Every private taxpayer, including myself, recently received a fine from the tax department, the payment of which will close your books forever, non-payment will result in a purposeful audit. The list is endless.

This isn't austerity this is lord of the flies.

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