Wednesday 17 October 2012

Prime the smart-bomb, corporal!

A chilly October evening and the first of the autumn rains was bouncing off the roads and pavements but from deep in the darkest corners of the town hall came light, small but bright.  Inside the hall all the seats are taken and many more stand around the walls; this is the tip of the iceberg that is the resistance.

Tonight there is a seminar about the new legal commercial entity, the IKE, a talk given by a young lawyer,Nayia Antoniou, then another about the merits and process of establishing a startup in America by two lawyers from San Francisco, Christina Tsakona and Andrew Dimitriades.   All this followed attentively by a crowd (more about crowds later) of young and not-so young optimistics, entrepreneurs and professionals. These are the real patriots, the draughtsmen of tomorrow.  

App developers, mobartia presented a brace of new products that allow the public to suggest and rate everything from eateries to wines to public offices. The latter made my ears prick up, the chance to rate public servants’ service to the public. They can demonstrate about pay cuts but for many considering the concept of doing their job might get them more public support. Then another app, called imoney that helps get your expenses in order. I swear that some people are putting too much trust in our little palm-sized friends but it is a wave and some much smarter than me are riding it like a boss.

A friend and colleague Dimitris Tzouris took the lectern to pass on the good news about
2-L8, a fantastically weird group, look like the sensational Alex Harvey band sound like  whose new double CD was financed by crowd-funding. They received 119% of what they required! (As I write this I have them playing on youtube. I am a big dEUS fan and I'm digging them big time)

Now more about crowds, the final speaker was Irineos Filipidis talking about his company GROOPIO, they are the first crowd-funding platform in Greece. I talk about resistance but there is no resistance without something to resist, crowd-funding cuts out some of the dependence on banks and government, the same who orchestrated this whole calamity. Making a new dawn, not a golden dawn is going to require hard and smart work and relying more on common resources and less on hand-outs. I would like to see crowd-funding become an investment tool that allowed people who have some liquidity to get some decent return while funding some worthy projects. Irineos tells me that there are some legal barriers to this but you know about wills and ways eh?

Well that’s all for the moment, but the message is clear; get out and do what you can and do it well. 

    Resistance isn't just banners and chants.

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