Tales from the resistance

Greece, as we all know, is in the grip of the mother of all shit-storms. The press and the Germans would have you believe that it's no more than they deserve and they've siesta'd there way into it. 

The banner and Molotov crew have been getting their share of air-time but I want you to meet The Resistance. The young smart entrepreneurs who, tempered by brick-wall bureaucracy and Euro-austerity, are looking ahead, finding solutions and putting the first bricks into tomorrow's Acropolis.   

1. 19/9/2012 Tales from the resistance

****If you have a project or group that you want people to know about. Let the world know that Greece is still worth betting on. Join, put a message in the comments and I'll get in touch.

**Make no mistake!**
I mean philanthropic and entrepreneurial. Goodwill alone will not put bread on the table for long. Send me details, links, pictures**. Let the world know that the fat lady hasn't even approached the stage, yet!  

Anyone willing and able to help me translate these pages into Greek I'd like to hear from you. **


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